A photo field guide of perennial garden flowers, wildflowers, mushrooms and more in northern new york.
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Over 10 years ago I threw some garden flower photos and a brief reference together to use as a quick reminder. I needed it, as a beginner flower gardener I often drew a blank about the name of that whatchamacallit or the conditions it prefered.

There's one thing certain about the Garden Perennial Flowers displayed on my North Country site. They all survive winters colder than my wife's feet.

I also began my love affair with Wildflowers of Northern New York at the same time. This section isn't going to replace my Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers but it sure is pretty to look at.

Of course I couldn't help but to add more photos to the site and shove them on you like a grandma with pics of the grandkids. Oh my, you just have to see these, dear. Gardens and North Country Scenes

And even my Looney Tunes view of Winter after the ice storm of '98

And now I'm adding even more photos. The Mushroom section is growing quickly. It's mainly a photo gallery and while I've identified most of the mushrooms not all are known. If you're looking for a cool background for your desktop you should check it out.

Putting a website together was a pass-time and you'll notice I've passed a considerable amount of it away. A very large part of that was editing images. So take one guess where the Looney Tunes stuff came from. Hey I had to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro somehow. Then once I had all those Looney Tunes images I had to do something with them. With some "Quotes" (.wav to listen or download) added you might find those pages interesting for a couple of seconds.

I've managed to put a real hodge-podge of a site together. I didn't waste time - I'm just giving you an excuse to waste yours.

If you'd rather spend your time on a forum than here then stop by one of the Avatar pages and pick one up before you leave. Unfortunately for you more serious types the only ones available are
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If you're looking to waste time too you came to the right spot. I've got a collection of Flash Games that are both quick and easy. If you only have a few minutes to waste you better hurry, your times running out.

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