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Angler's Guide

Chippewa Bay

Muskie Any angler who trolls a deep diving plug in one of the river's traditional muskie producing areas will eventually hook into a muskie. Anglers should troll their plugs near structural edges and in the deep water adjacent to the structures. Prime muskie areas include the waters between Halfway and Cedar Islands at Chippewa Bay and the deep water just upriver from American Island near Jacques Cartier State Park. Successful muskie fishermen do not possess secrets that allow them to catch the river's top predator. Instead, they "put in their time."
Walleye Walleye populations in the river have increased dramatically in recent years. Part of this increase can be attributed to a natural recovery after the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway significantly altered the habit in the 1950's. But the majority of the increase is a result of habitat improvement and restocking efforts by sportsmen's clubs on both sides of the river. Better known spots in the area are Chippewa Point and American Island. Deep water (20-50 feet) with current are the areas walleye prefer.
Northern Pike The northern pike is St. Lawrence's fish for all seasons, but these voracious feeders aren't as easy to catch as they once were. Extremely clear water, deep weed beds, and poorly defined weed edges present challenges for the pike angler; yet good catches are possible. The larger bays including Chippewa Bay are the most popular pike locations
smallmouth bass Smallmouth bass season opens on the third Saturday in June and early in the season smallmouths are found along the mainland points, island shorelines, rocky areas, and large flats. As summer progresses these fish congregate near deep water points, island drop offs, and mid-river shoals.
Yellow Perch Yellow perch are by far the most sought after panfish, and anglers catch them year round in all of the river's large bays. Small jigs and minnows work all year while worms are effective in spring and summer. Bullheads receive significant angler attention in April and May. For many anglers, bullhead season marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Anglers fish after dark in the river's numerous backwaters and nightcrawlers are the preferred bait.
State Parks near Chippewa Bay Cedar Island State Park
accessible by boat only.

Taking up about half the island the park's campsites are lightly-wooded, with a day-use area and picnic pavilion nearby. The best access is from the public boat launch and parking area in the Village of Chippewa Bay.

GPS Readings
Chippewa Bay
Boat Launch
Lat - N 44* 26' 50.0"
Long - W 75* 45' 77.1"
Schermerhorn Point
Boat Launch
Lat - N 44* 24' 63.7"
Long - W 75* 47' 24.0"