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Angler's Guide

Grasse River

 The lower Grasse River is the most accessible of all the small rivers in the county. Just about anywhere you find a bridge you'll find a place to park and a path to the river, good for either wading or canoe access. Nearly all the shoreline is privately owned - so respect that fact and keep to the river. Traveling the length of the river is not possible because of the many obstacles. Dams, shallow rapids, and falls make canoes the ideal craft to get around these barriers. Small Motor boats are used to cover the deeper, slower sections between the barriers. Almost all the deeper sections of the river north of Canton have a way to get a small motorboat launched.

Grasse River

 Fishing pressure is light on most of the river and smallmouth bass are abundant in the shallow rapids. Wading in the shallows and below dams and falls provides some of the best ultralight small bass fishing anywhere. The average size is 8 - 9 inches but anglers should have no problem reaching their limit of legal size bass. Using small Mr. Twisters with yellow plastic wiggletail grubs will outproduce any other lure during the hot summer months.
 Behind the dam at Madrid lurks a muskie over 5 feet long and walleye in the 4 pound range. Northern Pike are found along the edges of weed beds and an occasional largemouth bass can be caught in the slower flowing sections of the river. Perch, crappies, rock bass, and bullhead round out the species of panfish.

Looking upriver from the Morley bridge Gasse River in Morley
Below the Madrid dam Grasse River below the Madrid dam
Canton Boat Launch
GPS Readings Lat   - N 44* 31' 29.9"
Long - W 75* 13' 57.3"
Madrid Boat Launch

North side at bridge
South side on River Road

Looking upriver from the Chamberlain Corners bridge
Grasse River