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Lake Ozonia - St. Regis River

Brown Trout Lake Ozonia
A DEC cartop launch located off the Lake Ozonia Road offers year round access. The launch site has a ten horsepower restriction on outboard motors. Whether anglers use gas or electric powered motors, their prefered fishing technique is to troll the shorelines,bays, and points in the spring and fall. Ice anglers catch both trout and perch by setting minnows below a tip-up or by jigging with small spoons or jigs. Topping the jig with a small minnow or grub will increase the number of strikes.
Rainbow Trout St. Regis River
The St. Regis River ranks among the county's most popular trout streams. Annual stockings consist of a combination of 10,000 rainbow trout and brown trout, and the st. Regis has been receiving 750 two year old browns each year since 1997. Hopkinton Brook, which empties into the St. Regis at Fort Jackson, is stocked annually with over 600 brown trout. Bridges on County Route 49 and the Days Mills Road provide access. Special regulations allow year round fishing on the stretch of the St. Regis between Fort Jackson and the Days Mills Road in Hopkinton. Trout are catchable from spring through early winter with May and June the prime months for rainbows and September the best time for browns.
Lake Ozonia Boat Launch
GPS Readings Lat - N 44* 36' 29.0"
Long - W 74* 37' 52.2"
Lake Ozonia - St. Regis River