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Raquette River

Norwood Pond is a popular spot on the Raquette River and can be quite busy during the summer months. In the spring Norwood Pond is a popular spot for bullhead fishing. The section of the river between Potsdam and Norwood is often forgotten because of the dams obstructing the river. Canoes and other easily portaged boats are ideal to navigate this section of river where fishing pressure is light. Smallmouths, walleyes, and northern pike are the predominate gamefish.

Canoe access to the river above the dam in Potsdam is available in the village near the Clarkson Inn. Below the Potsdam dam access is easily found at bridges, roadsides, and a site provided by Orion Power near their hydroelectric dam on the River Road. Handicapped access and a boat launch are found at Norwood Pond.

The Raquette River in Potsdam. Raquette River in Potsdam Shoreline access can be found on both sides of the dam in the village. The view from the photo is from a parking lot on the downstream side.

GPS Readings
Boat Launch
Lat - N 44* 40' 10.2"
Long W 74* 59' 37.0"
Handicapped Access
Lat - N 44* 44' 55.9"
Long W 75* 00' 21.5"
Raquette River