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Now you know what Gnomes do when you turn your back to them.

swinging gnome

Garden Gnomes have a natural defense mechanism. They freeze in place whenever anyone takes notice of them. That's why you sometimes catch one pants down.

Don't let their innocent looks fool you. Gnomes want to achieve total world domination. Do not let large groups of gnomes congregate on lawns.

At the first sign of trouble call:
1 800 OH ROSIE
Rosie the Gnome control expert
A Gnome's Worst Nightmare

Gnomes are also known to hunt squirrels

gnome hunting a squirrel

...and to go after big game fish

gnome hunting a squirrel

Gnomes know how to party

dancing gnomes

...and can really cut a rug

innocent bear rug
Blizzard Gnome

most of the page graphics used to make the frame and background (including the animated Troll) was 'borrowed' from:
Blizzard Entertainment
The Blizzard image link takes you to their World of WarCraft site.

I couldn't help myself. Blizzard knows how to create a striking page and I just wanted to see if I could even get close. Besides it was also a kind of game figuring out how to put all the pieces I borrowed into place. I spent more hours than I care to admit but I did manage to capture some of the look and feel that inspired me to try.

I'm feeling much better now Fixed Gnome



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