An assortment of Looney Tunes characters reduced to avatars.
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Be Special - use one of these avatars and be a Looneytic

The right avatar can make you look special. Why use a generic forum avatar when you can use one of these to prove you're a real looney character. Go ahead and be as Daffy on-line as you're in real life. Want to point out your post?, Marvin the Martian will be happy to do it for ya. Elmer J Fudd is the perfect stand in for anyone dazed and confused.

Make sure you use the appropriate avatar for the background color on the forum.
The wrong background will mess up the look of the image.

Do NOT link directly to the images, they may be small in size but the accumulated use adds up to an awful lot of bandwidth that I have to pay for.

Upload avatar images using your forum's profile avatar tools.
If your forum won't upload a pic - try downloading it to your computer and then uploading from there to the forum.

Go ahead and download them all. I have no claim on them. The character images are the property of Warner Brothers no matter how much time and effort I've spent editing them. For more information go to the bottom of the page where you'll also find a link I highly recommend to Looneytics.

Good for light colored backgroundsYosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam site map
Whoa! Yosemite Sam riding a camel I said whoa you stupid mule!
for dark backgrounds - don't try to use on pages with light backgrounds

Bugs Bunny bugs bunny bugs bunny bugs bunny bugs bunny bugs bunny

Elmer J Fudd elmer fudd elmer fudd elmer fudd  looney opera

Daffy Duck daffy duck daffy duck daffy duck daffy duck daffy duck

Tweety tweety tweety tweety hyde Sylvestersylvester

Giant Mousegiant mouse Grannygranny granny

Marvin the Martian marvin the martian marvin the martian marvin the martian instant martian K9 martian girl

Yosemite Sam Roman Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam dragon

Porky Pigporky pig porky pig porky pig Goofy Gophers

TaZmanian Devil taz taz mrs taz Wile E Coyotewile e coyote

Chicken hawkchicken hawk Bertbert Catcat Singing Frog

Sheepdogsheepdog Dodosite map Foghorn Leghorn and Prissy

Do NOT click the red one Red one

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Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam's
When I get my hands on that money I'll buy the old ladies home and kick the old ladies out. I'll have the orphans home torn down and I'll get rid of the police department.
 "Widows & Orphans Fund" 

Money sent to The Widows and Orphans Fund
...will be used in the true spirit of Yosemite Sam.
Any funds left over from lining my own pockets
...will be used to fulfill one of his ambitions.

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Why it's getting so a man can't earn a dishonest livin no more
Looney Tunes
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Make no mistake
The use of Looney Tunes images and sounds
IS NOT in any way an endorsement of my site by Warner Brothers.
Rather it is a reflection of the influence they had on me.

It's their fault I'm a Blooming Looneytic

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