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Destroying Angel - Amanita bisporigera

Destroyng Angel
Amanita bisporigera

Identified Mushrooms

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Death Cap
As beautiful and innocent looking as a bride in white but far more deadly. Destroying Angel Mushroom Growing in mixed woods - Stone Valley, Colton, NY. - Aug. 16, 2008.

Members of this family have poisoned and killed more people than any other in the fungus realm. Death Caps are difficult to tell apart from each other. Amanita bisporigera, Amanita virosa, and Amanita verna are all pure white, have an annulus (the ring left by the partial veil that protects the developing gills) and a volva (the cup at the base left by the universal veil from which the mushroom emerges). Only under a microscope can a positive identification be made.

Death Cap Veil
Partial Veil

POISONOUS: DO NOT listen if you hear it say 'bite me' - one little nibble is more than enough to make you take a dirt nap.