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North Country Lichens
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Lichen Images for Desktop Backgrounds

I can't make a positive identification of any of these Lichens. An educated guess only gets me to the Genus - Cladonia. The upright structures that look like 'golf tees' are fruiting bodies called podetia.
All I can say about the last photo is that the lichen type is Foliose

Regardless they form a mini landscape that's best exposed in a macro photograph. These images were taken using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 on the "flower' macro mode.

I'm happy to share these images and they are free to use on your desktop. Pics are linked to 1024 x 768 sized images. Right click on the full size image and select 'Set As Background Image' from the menu.

Personal desktop use does not imply any other. If you want them for any other use you need my easily obtained permission.
I'm not looking to sell, but I am curious how they will be used. I also want credit when they are used for anything besides personal use.
For use on web sites and blogs in addition to credit I'll need a link back to my site.

Lichen - fruiting bodies
Foliose Lichen
Type - Foliose


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