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North Country Mushrooms
 St. Lawrence County, NY

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Possible Boletus
Bolete maybe?
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  My best guess - this is a Boletus.

I know I'm at least headed in the right direction because this mushroom does not have gills. The underside of the cap is densly packed with tubes and the openings look like pores

a few Boletes are considered very good eating, others are not recommended because of a bad taste and a few are poisonous. Pepper Bolete - Boletus piperatus has a strong peppery taste but is one of the poisonous types.

Some people prefer dried and reconstituted boletes over fresh cooked ones. Personally I perfer mine eated by others.

Remember a positive identification is recommended before sticking any mushroom in your mouth.

Mushroom snack Apparently this is not poisonous to small dinosaurs