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Hardy Perennials

Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite

Eranthis hyemalis

A member of the Buttercup family - (Ranunculaceae)

One of the first bulbs to bloom in spring. Like Snowdrops they will flower while snow is still on the ground. Leaves emerge after the flower fades and the plant goes dormant in summer. It is important to plant winter aconite where the soil is not allowed to dry out. In spring full sun is good but summer shade helps keep the soil from drying out to much. Winter Aconite is a nice woodland garden flower.

The whole plant is poisonous and the tuber especially so.

Winter aconite is aggressive if planted in favorable conditions. They are small plants / flowers and large groups are preferable so you can let their aggressive nature work for you.

Winter Aconite


Soil Type - Well drained, humus rich
Soil ph - Neutral
Water - Moist but not wet
Light - Part Shade - Sun


Height - 3 - 6 inch, clump forming
Time of bloom - March - April
Flower colors - Yellow
Propagation - Seed - Division
Transplants - easy

Photographed - March 27, 2009
Canton, NY

Winter Aconite