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Sagittaria latifolia

Aquatic native wildflower

Arrowheads - Water Plantains are common aquatic plants found near the edges of ponds and rivers. Sizes and shapes of the many varieties differ. Even the same species shows considerable differences. Leaves can be arrow, lance, or grass-like. Saturated soil is necessary for these plants and they grow emerging from shallow water. Submerged leaves are often narrow ribbon shaped. Excellent water garden plants, Arrowheads will also tolerate being submerged for prolonged periods and some grass-like Sagittarias are used in aquariums.

Roots form tuberous rhizomes - 'Duck Potatos' which are edible. The starchy tubers can be boiled or baked. As the name implies Duck Potatos are a food source for Ducks and other waterfowl. Native Americans also harvested the root - 'Wapato'


Soil Type - Saturated - muck, clay, sand
Soil ph - Slightly acidic
Water - Emerging from shallow water
Light - Full sun - partial shade


Height - Varieties range from 4 in. to 3 ft.
Time of bloom - July - Sept
Flower colors - White
Propagation - Division
Transplants - Easy