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Common Chickweed

Common Chickweed

Stellaria media

An Alien wildflower of Eurasian origin

Chickweed is actually a 5 petaled flower but since the petals are so deeply divided it appears the flower has 10.

is generally considered a winter annual. In northern areas this is one of the first plants to be seen growing in early spring. Chickweed has weak stems and forms low growing mats. Stems have hairs running on one side and after each paired, opposite leaf steeting the hairs will grow on another side. Stems branch frequently and they root easily at eash leaf junction. Older leaves are stalked, new leaves are not.

The plant prefers sunny, open, rich, moist soil. The root system is shallow and the plant is easily uprooted but will recover quickly if left on the ground. In the heat of summer the plant generally dies back but it can be found in cooler shady moist spots. Seeds germinate year round in more temperant areas. I think the only reason they don't this far north is the temps are just to darn cold. Those that germinate in the fall hold on through the winter grow rapidly in the spring, set seed and die off by summer. That may be one reason the bloom time is so extended. Chickweed will flower before spring bulbs and continue to do so until late fall.

Chickweed is edible and can be eaten in salads or cooked as greens. The hairy Mouse-eared Chickweed is best cooked.

Common Chickweed


Soil Type - most
Soil ph - Neutral
Water - moist
Light - Full sun - part shade


Height Average - low mat forming
Time of bloom - throughout the growing season
Flower colors - White
Propagation - Seed
Transplants - Easily

Common Chickweed