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by common name

Wild Geranium
Geranium maculatum


Soil Type - Well drained, less fertile sandy loams
Soil pH - Neutral
Water - Moist to dry
Light - Full sun to partial shade


Height - 6 in. to over 4 ft.
Time of bloom - Depends on species - May - Sept
Flower colors - Pink, red, purple
Propagation - Division
Transplants - Easy

It is the beak shaped seed pods that give Cranesbill's their name. Wild Geraniums are found where the soil remains evenly moist, usually in shady areas. From woods to meadows, cranesbills inhabit a wide range. Locating them may be easy but proper identification is much harder considering their variety.

Garden hybrids prefer well drained, evenly moist soil. In the north country, Cranesbills will thrive in full sun if the soil stays moist, otherwise plant in partial shade.