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Marsh Marigold


Marsh Marigold

A Spring Azure Butterfly on a Marsh Marigold flow. Image is linked to a larger size (1024 x 768) suitable to use as desktop wallpaper if you care to use it. (but only for that use)

Caltha palustris

This wildflower is common in swampy areas and along stream banks. Marsh marigolds emerge from shallow water or grow on small mounds holding the plant just above the water. During their dormant period the soil should not be allowed to dry at all. Marsh Marigolds are a welcome sight in early spring but seem to disappear as fast as they emerged. They transplant well but going into the spring muck to dig them up can not be described as easy but adding Marsh Marigolds to a water garden is well worth the effort.

Soil Type - Mucky
Soil pH - Neutral
Water - Wet
Light - Full sun to Partial shade


Height - Average 1 ft., up to 2 ft
Time of Bloom - April - June
Flower colors - Yellow
Propagation - Division
Transplants - Easily

   Marsh Marigold - plant

Marsh Marigold

A Roadside Wildflower Production

Roadside wildflower - marsh marigold
Found on the Russel Turnpike along with Coltsfoot on April 25, 2008.
West Parishville State Forest