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by common name

Common Mullein
Verbascum thapsus

Biennial, common in poor soil, waste places. Although most consider mullein a weed, when given the same care as other garden plants, Mullein will grow to be a very dramatic foliage plant with its silver-gray leaves and its sturdy, towering height.


A real bonus is a mullein unfortunate enough to sprout in a small crevice in a rock garden. Stressed and stunted, growing no more than a foot high, it becomes a miniature model of itself. Overcoming such adverse conditions gives the flowers a significance that a normal sized plant does not achieve.

Good self-seeding plant
easily spotted along roadsides

Soil Type - Sandy, well drained
Soil pH - Neutral
Water - Tolerates Dry
Light - Full sun


Height - Up to 6 ft.
Time of Bloom - July - August
Flower colors - Yellow
Propagation - Seed
Transplants - Possible with seedlings
Taproot makes moving older plants difficult

Mullien flowers      Mullein and common orange daylilies
As you can see Mullein grows to an impressive height. Here the Mullein makes these old common daylilies look almost short when in fact they're nearly 5 feet tall. The growth of this Mullein can be attributed to growing in garden conditions.