North of the Adirondacks
An Unusual Site Planted by a Blooming Looneytic
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by common name

Purple Loosestrife
Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria

Found along streambanks, wet low lying areas, even roadside ditches
Most often seen in large colonies
Probably known as the number 1 alien invader

Seeds can remain dormant for years waiting for the right conditions to germinate. An area may have a couple of these plants in it for years and they might seem never to multiply but plow or expose the soil in any way and they will 'explode' into that area

Soil Type - Wet, sandy to clay
Soil pH - Neutral
Water - Wet to moist
Light - Full sun

Height - 1 - 4 ft.
Time of Bloom - July - September
Flower colors - Purple-rose
Propagation - seed
Transplants - Easy, but why get everyone upset? In fact it may even be illegal in your area.
Purple Loosestrife - plant

Purple Loosestrife