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by common name

White Snakeroot White Snakeroot

Eupatorium rugosum

Native Woodland Wildflower - Poisonous

A poultice made from White Snakeroot was used to treat snakebite by Native Americans. Other medicinal uses included a root tea to treat various ailments.

Milk Sickness - When eaten by cows the plant's toxins are passed to the milk. Symptoms include weakness and nausea and possible death.

White Snakeroot leaf

This was only hard to identify because I had a much better photograph than any 'reference' I found. The leaves were easy enough to match - toothed heart shaped. But the flowers gave me doubts.

Snakeroot is a member of the Boneset family and as such has flat topped flower clusers. The flowers are very small and have a fuzzy appearance but I mamaged to get a good closeup photo of the flowers and it was nothing like I imagined. In fact I had to go back and photograph the plant again to make sure I had the right one.


Soil Type - Rich wodland
Soil ph - Neutral
Water - Moist
Light - Shade


Height Average - 2 - 5 ft.
Time of bloom - July - Sept
Flower colors - White

White Snakeroot flowers
As you can see there is nothing 'fuzzy' about the flowers when you're up close and personal.