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Trilliums are a common wildflower in the north county, usually in scattered colonies but occasionally covering large areas of the forest floor. Trilliums demand moist, very humus rich soil in wooded areas. Best areas recieve full sun until tree leaves fill out, stay moist but are never saturated.

Garden varieties are available and they require the same growing conditions. Cutting the flowers is detrimental to the plants and cut flowers wilt rapidly anyway. These plants emerge from deep roots and the stems are very fragile so transplanting is difficult at best.

Red Trillium - Wakerobin
May 15, 2008 - Red Trillium - Wakerobin


Soil Type - Sandy, humus rich
Soil pH - Neutral
Water - Moist
Light - Full shade


Height - Average 1 ft., up to 2 ft
Time of Bloom - April - June
Flower colors - White, red-purple, pink
Propagation - Seed
Transplants - Difficult Trillium berry

by common name

Trilliums are known for their parts coming in 3s - hense their name. While leaves and flower petals are numbered by 3 the fruit of a trillium is a single berry.
August 14, 2008 - Trillum Berry

Trillium with berry
White Trillium
May 1, 2008 - White Trillium