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     North Country Photographs - St. Lawrence County - Northern New York
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Stone Valley - Raquette River
Town of Colton

trail sign
Warning Sign

The trails traversing both sides of Stone Valley are some of the most popular nature walks in the North County. What will strike any visitor is the power the Racquette River displays as it roars thru sluices and over falls in it's rush to get downhill.

Stone Valley waterfall

There are a series of waterfalls that continue for a mile or more along the trail, which extends for two or more miles. Some falls offer swimming holes during the summer months when water is low. During the spring, be amazed at the power of the high water level from the snow melt in the Adirondacks. In winter months expect the beginning of the trail to be slippery and use caution when walking along the river.

Always use caution along the Raquette River since the hydo dams can release a considerable flow at any time.

The river offers experienced kayakers a challenge and canoeists should not consider paddling this section of the river. There are a series of signs along the path describing some of the geological features of the area. To geologists this is a unique area, the connection of the Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. Watch for the signs posted on the trees to learn more.

On the west side are ruins of an old tannery with only the remains of the stone foundation remaining.


There are trails on both sides of the river.

Colton: Main Street is Rt 56. Turn onto River Street

  • Just before the bridge there is a parking area on the left. Walk along the dirt road beyond the Hydroeletric dam until you come to a "wooden bridge" over the dam's giant outflow pipe. You can follow this trail to the end of the Stone Valley area at Brown's Bridge.
  • Right after crossing the Raquette River bridge take the next left, onto Mill Street. Follow road for less then .2 miles and the road will dead end. This is the parking area. The trail starts at the end of the road and continues as a path to the waterfalls.
Colton map

Browns Bridge: either side - follow a dirt road until you come to a parking area - look for trail signs